United States Dept. of the Interior
United States Park Police
Dear Mr. Collings,
I wish to express my personal thanks for assisting the US Park Police
with our training program…the weapons retention techniques were superb
and practical. I have received only the highest accolades from the officers
attending your course….
                                                            Thomas P., Captain
                                                            Commander, New York Field Office


United States Postal Service
Postal Inspection Service

Dear Chief Stroud,
I am writing to call attention to the invaluable assistance officer T.Collings has provided my agency at
our Defensive Tactics Facility located at Camp Smith…..for providing information and advice relative to improving our Defensive Tactics Program…
                                                                  Officer Mike B.,Team Leader
                                                                  Threat management Coordinator
                                                                  US Postal Inspectors Service - New York Division


 Dear Tom,
…You have done so much for me…the basics and weapons techniques you have shared from your years in Japan allowed me to learn so much about sensitivity and direction of force…it showed me a whole new world of aikido….

Respect and Appreciation,
Sensei Howard P., Rokudan, Suffolk Institute of Eastern Studies


Dear Tom, Jay, and Staff
Thank you for your wonderful commitment to excellence.…
George H.


Sensei Collings,
On July 13 I received a call to backup another officer on the Brooklyn Train platform at Jamaica Station.
A passenger went berserk threatening crew and passengers…on the platform the individual was screaming incoherently and grabbed me hard by my shirt….to my total amazement I did the basic blend
movement you taught….I have only been training with you 3 months but this stuff (aiki budo) really works!
Sincerely Yours,
Officer Dennis G., LIRR Police



Thank you for the welcome to your dojo. Your Kind words and reception is much appreciated,
it is not that often I find such honesty and sincerity….  
                                                                                          Regards,  Sensei Lou S.      



Sensei Collings,                           
Enclosed is a photo of little John who enjoyed your kids class from age 7 to 12 - the photo shows him on foot patrol in the 73 Pct. Brooklyn where he is now a proud NYPD Officer !
Best Regards, Sgt.Pat B.



Dear Collings Sensei,

    Taking your classes has made a significant impact on my martial arts in numerous ways, I wanted to share two examples:
     -  Your teaching of how to be “light as a feather, and heavy as earth” - and when - significantly improved my safe falling ability.
     -  Your “small package” instructions about how to land from high falls saved my legs and knees from injury on a least two occasions
           ….it is not easy to get a gift for someone who shuns material possessions…please use this donation to help fund your next trip 
               to Japan….I only ask that you use it for the return trip - because we want you back.

                Edward W.